Events: September 2017


The inaugural event for Cinema 53, a new screening and discussion series presenting conversation-provoking films by and about women and people of color, curated by Gray Center director Jacqueline Stewart. This multimedia presentation kicks off Ripples and Waves, a 4-part series of programs observing the 40th anniversary of the Combahee River Collective Statement, the radical articulation of the tenets and goals of a truly revolutionary Black feminist theory and praxis.  

SIDEBAR: Tony Cokes

Join us for an evening of food, drinks and conversation with visual artist Tony Cokes.

Judd Morrissey and Jennifer Scappettone at 6018 North

This collaborative performance and installation by recetent Gray Center Mellon Fellows Judd Morrissey, and Jennifer Scappettone, along with Abraham Avnisan, will tap the sprawling veins of urban architecture, mining the material and telecommunications infrastructures within a house, while channeling the histories of its inhabitants and their spectral predecessors.