Daniel Zox

Daniel Zox is an independent filmmaker whose work has focused on the physical relationship between bodies in space and the camera. Zox has served as Filmmaker in Residence and Adjunct Faculty at Northwestern University. He has produced music video, short film, and documentary works that have screened at the United Nations for International Day of the Girl, film festivals (South by Southwest, Outfest, Athens International Film and Video), and been nationally broadcast on MTV. His work finds ways to disrupt the viewer's effort to define a screen character’s behavior. How can unconventional behavior in the real world appear typical on screen? How can the viewer stay engaged with a subject when the story is fragmented? Zox’s earlier collaboration with artist Jeanne Dunning (Playing Catch, 2009) explored how a video could be simultaneously an object moving, and a document of the object moving. This concern carries into the proposed collaboration: How should the camera be positioned and move to reflect an archaeological point of view?  More info here.