The Course

Archaeological Experiments in Filmmaking

Fall 2016 / Wednesdays 2-4:50p / Logan Center for the Arts, rm 014

ANTH 26605/36605; cross-listings ARTV 23810/33810 and Others TBD

How can one make a film with an archaeological eye?  Thematics will cover temporality, materiality, and the body in film, and more generally the potential of collaborations that cross the line between art and science. Although there will be reading and film-viewing components of the syllabus, the major requirement will be the production of a collaborative, experimental short. Visual media experience is helpful but not required.   This class is intended for graduates and advanced undergraduates.

Enrollment is by permission of instructor. Please submit a brief statement of interest to Professor Shannon Lee Dawdy ( that includes previous course work and/or experience relevant to this class and a brief explanation of why you would like to take this class.