The RICHARD AND MARY L. GRAY CENTER FOR ARTS AND INQUIRY is a forum at the University of Chicago for experimental collaborations between artists and scholars.

Summit: What is an Artistic Practice of Human Rights?

What is an Artistic Practice of Human Rights? is a multi-day summit hosted by the University of Chicago and taking place April 29 and May1. Join a group of distinguished international artists as they propose, examine, and challenge the ways in which creative cultural resistance can broaden our collective understanding of human rights.  

Call for Proposals

We seek proposals that team artists and scholars (one [or more] of whom will be a visiting fellow; the other one [or more], a University collaborator) for a collaborative project that encompasses research, creative production, and teaching. Fellowship awards fall between $40-70K and are customized to each project.

Imagining Futures: Final Course Projects

For their final projects, students in the Imagining Futures: Speculative Design and Social Justice course created games of various types exploring subject matters such as immigration, parenting, surveillance and prison.

Exhibition: In Acts

Opening on April 7, Weinberg/Newton Gallery presents In Acts, a group exhibition inspired by the summit that will bring international artists to the University of Chicago’s campus later that month to ask: What is an artistic practice of human rights?

OOMK: Self-publishing for Activism

Join us April 13 at 6pm for a panel discussion with Sofia Niazi (OOMK), Rose Nordin (OOMK), Leila Abdul Razzaq (author and artist) and Sheika Lugtu (cartoonist and researcher) as they share their perspectives and consider the different ways that artists and activists in their respective communities are self-publishing for activism.