The RICHARD AND MARY L. GRAY CENTER FOR ARTS AND INQUIRY is a forum at the University of Chicago for experimental collaborations between artists and scholars.

Summit: What is an Artistic Practice of Human Rights?

What is an Artistic Practice of Human Rights? is a multi-day summit hosted by the University of Chicago and taking place April 29 and May1. Join a group of distinguished international artists as they propose, examine, and challenge the ways in which creative cultural resistance can broaden our collective understanding of human rights.  

Exhibition: In Acts

Opening on April 7, Weinberg/Newton Gallery presents In Acts, a group exhibition inspired by the summit that will bring international artists to the University of Chicago’s campus later that month to ask: What is an artistic practice of human rights?

Call for Proposals

We seek proposals that team artists and scholars (one [or more] of whom will be a visiting fellow; the other one [or more], a University collaborator) for a collaborative project that encompasses research, creative production, and teaching. Fellowship awards fall between $40-70K and are customized to each project.