The RICHARD AND MARY L. GRAY CENTER FOR ARTS AND INQUIRY is a forum at the University of Chicago for experimental collaborations between artists and scholars.

THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL LENS / Shannon Dawdy and Daniel Zox

2015-16 Mellon Collaborative Fellowship for Arts Practice & Scholarship:   Anthropologist Shannon Lee Dawdy (professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago) and filmmaker Daniel Zox embark on a project whose subject matter concerns rapidly changing death practices in the US, particularly as regards disposition of the body and the creation of memorial objects. 

FRAMING, RE-FRAMING, and UN-FRAMING CINEMA / Marc Downie, Tom Gunning, Paul Kaiser

2015-16 Mellon Collaborative Fellowship for Arts Practice & Scholarship:  Digital artists Paul Kaiser and Marc Downie of OpenEndedGroup collaborate with Tom Gunning (professor, Art History and Cinema & Media Studies, University of Chicago) on a project that seeks to study and intervene in the current redefinition of the moving image as it shifts from the frame of classical cinema to the immersive framelessness and interactivity of virtual reality.

THE DATA THAT WE BREATHE / Caroline Bergvall, Judd Morrissey, Jennifer Scappettone

2016 Mellon Collaborative Fellowship for Arts Practice & Scholarship: Caroline Bergvall (London-based artist, writer and performer), Judd Morrissey (writer, code artist and professor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago), and Jennifer Scappettone (cross-disciplinary writer, scholar and professor, English and Committee on Creative Writing, University of Chicago) launch a series of experiments into the physical and poetic dimensions of breath.

Call for Proposals: Mellon Fellowships for Arts Practice and Scholarship

We seek proposals that team artists and scholars (one [or more] of whom will be a visiting fellow; the other one [or more], a University collaborator) for a collaborative project that encompasses research, creative production, and teaching. Selected projects will receive $40-$70K.  University of Chicago faculty are invited to submit Letters of Interest. For timely consideration during the next round of review, please submit a Letter of Interest by October 12, 2016.