The RICHARD AND MARY L. GRAY CENTER FOR ARTS AND INQUIRY is a forum at the University of Chicago for experimental collaborations between artists and scholars.

Marx Now: Phil Collins - Two Films

The Gray Center hosts an evening devoted to the films of Phil Collins. Organized by the Goethe Institut as part of Marx Now, their series to commemorate Karl Marx's 200th birthday, the event will feature Collins' films marxism today (prologue), and use! value! exchange!  May 15, 6-8pm.

Give It or Leave It

Artist Cauleen Smith (California Institute of the Arts) and Film Scholar Robert Bird (UChicago Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Department of Cinema Media Studies) endeavor to unpack the revolutionary potential of filmic images. This project began with their work together on the Smart Museum's exhibition Revolution Every Day (September 17, 2017 - January 28, 2018), and will continue to develop through various forms, including their co-taught fall 2018 course.

Ghost Village

University of Chicago historian and professor Judith Zeitlin (Department of East Asian Languages & Civilizations), and Beijing based composer Yao Chen collaboratively undertake the creation of an opera, with Yao composing the music, and Zeitlin writing the libretto. Entitled Ghost Village, the opera will be based on a ghost story of the same name that features in Pu Songling’s (1640-1715) masterpiece, Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio.

Studio: R-A

Professors Bill Brown (University of Chicago, Department of English) and Ted Brown (Syracuse University, School of Architecture) embark on a collaboration that seeks to explore theoretical, practical and formal dimensions of re-assemblage. To initiate this collaboration, the Brown brothers will co-teach a course that is both seminar and studio based, working with students from diverse backgrounds of study, and bringing in other working artists to offer their insights on various notions of re-assemblage. 

Whispering Campaign

Curator Dieter Roelstraete and artist and professor Pope.L (University of Chicago) expand upon their collaboration at documenta 14 where Pope.L first presented his Whispering Campaign project (Roelstraete was a documenta 14 curator).