News: Academic Year 2013 - 2014

UChicago News: Gray Center to continue bold collaborations between artists, scholars

In its first three years, the Richard and Mary L. Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry has made possible everything from a conference featuring the world’s leading cartoonists in dialogue with each other and a cross-section of faculty; to a monthlong alternate reality game involving students, a professor of English and an experimental phenomenologist from Montreal; to a yearlong collaborative exploration of low-level light undertaken by a distinguished physicist and an award-winning architect.


Afterword receives Map Fund Award

Gray Center Mellon Fellowship project Afterword is one of 39 projects funded by  the MAP Fund, a program of Creative Capital.

UChicago News: Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry brings out playful side of scholars, artists

It was the opening night of Play as Inquiry, a practicum co-curated by Sha Xin Wei and Patrick Jagoda, both Mellon fellows at the Richard and Mary L. Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry. Posters featuring cartoon ducklings (or maybe rubber duckies) lined the walls of the Performance Penthouse at the Logan Center. There were ushers doling out cards, wearing white gloves and communicating only through pantomime.

South Side Weekly: An Animate Archive

The boilerplate image for “#FOLLOWUS,” a collaborative multimedia installation on display at the University of Chicago’s Gray Center, is a still from the original short film “Urban Renewal.” Focusing the shot on the intersection of 55th Street and Lake Park Avenue, a hand behind the camera reaches forward and holds a photo print over the view...

The Chicago Maroon: For one week only, Gray Center presents University’s #PAST

As the final product of a two-quarter archival dig through documented history of the school, the group exhibit found its origins within 10 independent narratives that recreate and repopulate the institutional legacy of the University. In handling material from 1893 and 2013, #FOLLOWUS hopes to open up space to populate the field with multiple perspectives.

Chicago Reader: Gender Under the Knife

Joynt and Bryson tell these stories in "Resisterectomy," which juxtaposes their experiences of gender-reassignment surgery and cancer surgery. But beyond detailing the routine indignities that trans and genderqueer people confront, the show takes those challenges much further, into a complicated and complicating series of musings, both textual and visual, about the narratives that bind us to gender.  Read more here.

South Side Weekly: Gendered Bodies

This is Chase Joynt and Mary Bryson’s “Resisterectomy,” a four-part multimedia installation that, in Joynt’s own words, “juxtaposes the narrative of trans sex-reassignment surgeries with the narrative of cancer surgeries—mastectomy and hysterectomy.”  Read more here