South Side Weekly: Gendered Bodies

This is Chase Joynt and Mary Bryson’s “Resisterectomy,” a four-part multimedia installation that, in Joynt’s own words, “juxtaposes the narrative of trans sex-reassignment surgeries with the narrative of cancer surgeries—mastectomy and hysterectomy.”  Read more here

Unfurling the Past / South Side Weekly

Baraka de Soleil scoops the soaking wet fragments of a Paul Laurence Dunbar poem out of the bucket in front of him and solemnly offers them to each of the audience members crouching beside him in the dark. “Listen!” he says conspiratorially as he swirls the water in the bucket. “Listen!” ...


The Gray Center Lab is open!

On September 24, 2013 the Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry opened the Gray Center Lab, a 1100+ square foot seminar space, research facility, exhibition/performance space, and production studio at the University of Chicago’s Midway Studios.