As part of our Mellon Collaborative Fellowship Program, the Gray Center offers a unique array of co-taught courses throughout the year. For more information on our courses or fellowships contact Mike Schuh at

Previous Courses:

Spring 2022 
Common Place: Art, Advocacy and Health Equity
This is a unique study option in collaboration with the University of Chicago Gray Center for the Arts ( Students will be given the opportunity to have 2-4 community-based experiences (e.g., mobile health clinic for persons experiencing homelessness, urban farm nutrition program, transitional program for recently incarcerated residents, etc.) over the course of the study block. Students will then work with editorial illustrator Julia Kuo (, widely published in the New York Times, Vice, ProPublica, and others, to chart the course from experience to reflection to advocacy through an artistic lens. In line with the Gray Center’s mission, this study option is intended to facilitate introspection of existing paradigms and construction of a personal pedagogy for advocacy in health equity. Absolutely no artistic experience required.

Transliterative Tease: A Radical Reader: Radical Reading
This experimental course—part seminar and part practicum—brings together Berlin-based artist collective Slavs and Tatars and Prof. Leah Feldman (Comparative Literature). It explores material and conceptual approaches to radical reading. In the practicum students will design a creative project informed by the seminar’s exploration of histories, sites, and genres of radical reading (including revolutionary books and manifestos, children’s primers and comics).

Spring 2020
Documenting Blakelock - Instructors: Larry Rothfield and Ric Burns - offered through the Department of English Language & Literature

Fall 2019
Food Cultura - Instructors: Stephan Palmie and Antonio Miralda - offered through the Department of Anthropology
The Sonic Image - Instructors: WJT Mitchell, Hannah Higgins, and Lawrence Abu Hamdan - offered through the Department of English Language & Literature

Spring 2019
Gods of the 21st Century and Beyond: Religion and Parallel Activity in Contemporary Art - Instructor: Zachary Cahill, Gray Center Director of Fellowships & Programs - ARTV 26218 / 36218
Film and Revolution - Instructors: Cauleen Smith and Robert Bird - CMS 24521 / 34521
Drawn Together: Comics Culture in the Middle East - Instructors: Ghenwa Hayek, Fadi "the fdz" Baki, Omar Khouri - NEHC 20615 / 30615