As part of our Mellon Collaborative Fellowship Program, the Gray Center offers a unique array of co-taught courses throughout the year. Current and upcoming courses are listed below. For more information on our courses or fellowships contact Mike Schuh at

Spring 2020
Documenting Blakelock - Instructors: Larry Rothfield and Ric Burns - offered through the Department of English Language & Literature

Fall 2019
Food Cultura - Instructors: Stephan Palmie and Antonio Miralda - offered through the Department of Anthropology
The Sonic Image - Instructors: WJT Mitchell, Hannah Higgins, and Lawrence Abu Hamdan - offered through the Department of English Language & Literature

Spring 2019
Gods of the 21st Century and Beyond: Religion and Parallel Activity in Contemporary Art - Instructor: Zachary Cahill, Gray Center Director of Fellowships & Programs - ARTV 26218 / 36218
Film and Revolution - Instructors: Cauleen Smith and Robert Bird - CMS 24521 / 34521
Drawn Together: Comics Culture in the Middle East - Instructors: Ghenwa Hayek, Fadi "the fdz" Baki, Omar Khouri - NEHC 20615 / 30615