OpenEndedGroup at Berlin International Film Festival

 Feb 13, 2017, 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM
 Berlin International Film Festival

Still from Ulysses in the Subway.

Gray Center Mellon Fellows Marc Downie and Paul Kaiser of OpenEndedGroup celebrate the world premiere of Ulysses in the Subway at the Berlin International Film Festival. This 3D film was created as part of their Mellon Collaborative Fellowship with Tom Gunning (University of Chicago) Cinema and Media Studies), Framing, Re-Framing, and Un-Framing Cinemaand in further collaboration with legendary experimental filmmakers Ken and Flo Jacobs

Described by the artists as “a picturing of sound in 3D”, Ulysses in the Subway follows Jacobs as he rides the subway from his lower Manhattan home up to 42nd Street, and wanders through Times Square before descending back into the subway and returning home. Every frame of this film (1/24th of a second) helps to construct a 3D animation generated through original software created by OpenEndedGroup that algorithmically analyzes and visualizes 2000 audio samples per frame. “The image/sound synthesis turns fleeting presences (voices, footsteps, steel-drum performances) into oddly epic events.”

Screening dates are February 12 and 18. More details on screenings here.