Portable Gray Issue 9 Launch Event: Arts of Psychoanalysis

 Feb 23, 2023, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
 Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry

929 E 60th St, Midway Studios (next to the Logan Center)

Join us to celebrate the launch of Portable Gray Issue 9: "Arts of Psychoanalysis" with a conversation between contributors to the issue: Adam Blum, writer & clinical psychologist; Anna Kornbluh, professor & unionist; John Neff, artist; and Hannah Zeavin, professor & writer; with Gray Center Director, Seth Brodsky moderating.

*Free and open to the public.
*Food and drink will also be served.
**Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of  Portable Gray.
***Yoga mats will be provided, guests may also bring their own (there will also be more conventional seating available).


Adam Blum is a practicing clinician and member of the Bay Area psychoanalytic community. Along with Peter Goldberg and Michael Levin, he authored Here I’m Alive: The Spirit of Music in Psychoanalysis, which will be published by Columbia University Press in 2023.

Anna Kornbluh is Professor of English and Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Illinois, Chicago. She is the author of The Order of Forms: Realism, Formalism, and Social Space (University of Chicago Press, 2019), Marxist Film Theory and Fight Club (Bloomsbury 2019), and Realizing Capital (Fordham 2014), and, forthcoming from Verso in 2023, Immediacy, Or, The Style of Too Late Capitalism. Essays on psychoanalysis, climate fiction, academic labor, and tv have appeared in venues such as Theory& Event, SAQ, Mediations, Novel, the LA Review of Books, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. She is the founding facilitator for two scholarly collaboratories, The V21 Collective (Victorian studies for the 21st Century) and InterCcECT (The Inter Chicago Circle for Experimental Critical Theory).

John Neff makes art, curates exhibitions, and teaches art. He lives in Chicago, Illinois. johnneff.org

Hannah Zeavin is a scholar, writer, and editor, and works as an Assistant Professor at Indiana University and a Visiting Fellow at the Columbia University Center for The Study of Social Difference. Zeavin is the author of The Distance Cure: A History of Teletherapy (MIT Press, 2021) and at work on her second book, Mother’s Little Helpers: Technology in the American Family (MIT Press, 2024). Essays and criticism have appeared in or are forthcoming from Dissent, differences, The Guardian, Harper’s Magazine, n+1, The New York Review of Books, The New Yorker, Technology & Culture, and elsewhere. In 2021, Zeavin co-founded The Psychosocial Foundation and is the Founding Editor of Parapraxis, a new popular magazine for psychoanalysis on the left.


Edited by Gray Center Director, UChicago musicologist, and Portable Gray executive editor Seth Brodsky, our ninth issue takes as its theme Arts of Psychoanalysis. Contributors dive into the "darkest art,” probing the still radical space that psychoanalysis opened over a century ago. The issue functions less as a survey of psychoanalytic art or a collective investigation into the “talking cure,” and more as a series of meditations on the suspensions and fermatas that psychoanalysis has afforded practical life—clinic, asylum, interregnum; etymological hunts, and formalist games; sketch and street. Each in their own way, through film, photography, poetry, essays, manifestoes, and diagrams, our Fall 2022 authors traverse the artistic and theoretical work that frames the discourse and poetics of psychoanalysis today.

Table of Contents

A Leak in Reality
Pierre Huyghe

Editor's Plaisance 
Seth Brodsky

Thursday Morning, Newbury Street
Eve L. Ewing

The Great American In-scape & the Psychological Paintings of R.A. Blakelock
Ric Burns and Lawrence Rothfield

A New Animal of Pain, poems by Cassandra Troyan
Cassandra Troyan

Frasier's Joke and the Devil's Voice
Max Guy and Ruslana Lichtzier

Sketch for a Movie
John Neff

How Art Is Not Unlike Psychoanalysis and Comedy Isn't Too & Vice-Versa, Two Diagrams
Zachary Cahill

RSI un bout du Réel
Pierre Huyghe

Anna Kornbluh

Tractatus Musico-Psychoanalyticus
Adam Blum, Peter Goldberg, Michael Levin

Pleasure and its Bystanders
William T.S. Mazzarella

Writing on the Wall: Psychoanalytic Poetics of the Street
Lara Sheehi

Untreated: Revisiting Marion Milner’s On Not Being Able to Paint
Hannah Zeavin

Gestational Filmmaking
Melissa Friedling

The Host and the Cloud
Pierre Huyghe

For the online issue and subscription information visit here.


Image: Excerpt from the issue, John Neff, Sketch for a Movie, 2022.