Studio R-A

Bill Brown (University of Chicago, Department of English) and architect Ted Brown (Syracuse University, School of Architecture) embark on a collaboration that seeks to explore theoretical, practical and formal dimensions of re-assemblage. To initiate this collaboration, the Brown brothers will co-teach a course that is both seminar and studio based, working with students from diverse backgrounds of study, and bringing in other working artists to offer their insights on various notions of re-assemblage. 



Re-Assemblage: Studio R-A

Spring 2018, Wed, 5:30-6:50pm, Fri, 9:30am-12:30pm
Gray Center Lab at Midway Studios
ARTV 38800 

Re-Assemblage is a theory/history–design/build studio taught by an architect/artist (Ted Brown) and a cultural theorist (Bill Brown). The course will engage the conceptualization of assemblage across several fields (archaeology, art, performance, poetics, geography, urbanism) and the history of assemblage practices (with a particular focus on the Art of Assemblage show at MoMA in 1961, but addressing recent work as well). This engagement will be coupled with, and prompted by, studio experiments across a range of scales, media and sites, as we collectively explore the material and theoretical problems, paths and projects of re-assemblage. There will be individual and small group projects throughout the course, and the group as a whole will construct a book, a projection, and an installation. Over the course of the quarter visiting scholars, artists, and architects will contribute to the conversation. Students need not have an art, design, or computer background but need to be prepared to develop skills quickly and to learn from one another. The course will meet twice a week, once as a seminar and once as a studio; chances are that we will take one required weekend field trip.

Supported by the Richard and Mary L. Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry, the course is an experiment in the convergence of theory, history, and practice. It is open to both graduate and College students. To express interest in taking the course please contact Zachary Cahill (, curator at the Gray Center.