Tell Me The Truth

Toronto-based multi-media artist Chase Joynt, and Kristen Schilt (University of Chicago, Department of Sociology), explore the construction of public narratives about institutional and individual identities in a year-long project entitled Tell Me The Truth.  Throughout 2013-14, Joynt & Schilt will curate a series of screenings, readings, and multi-media installations that highlight queer artistic collaboration in an attempt to deploy and disrupt positions of scholarly, artistic and experiential authority.


friday february 28 5-8p / installation opening reception & “campus tours”

monday-friday march 3-7 11a-4p / installation open hours

gray center lab, 929 e. 60th st., Chicago, il 60637 


#FOLLOWUS marks the culmination of a two-quarter collaboration between Kristen Schilt, Chase Joynt and a group of undergraduate students at the University of Chicago. This exhibit - a multi-media art installation in the Gray Center Lab - uses archives, interviews, community folklore and creative reinterpretation to showcase untold, forgotten and unofficial narratives of the University of Chicago spanning 1893 to 2013. We invite you to experience the uncommon and rethink (y)our history.

Check out the project Tumblr here.